The alphabet is collaborative platform artwork created by @det0une for Very Large Works at Wrong Biennale 2019.
-As kids, by learning on how to write, we all used to fill our note and workbooks with infinite lines of single letters: one page full of "A", another one filled with "B", the third one could maybe be a wonderful splash-page of capitol "E", disregarding an order we were learning on how to properly manage.
It seems like it worked(did/does it?), and a long take of boring exercises taught us on how to move the pen on a paper-sheet.Next steps: grammar, syntax, simple thoughts to write down and explain (or, at least,trying to).
-One of the most discussed problems about -simplifying- "the internet" (in particular concerning social media and how the circulation of opinions, news, images, memes and so on, works) is the old-good "We all have incredible tools but we don't really know how to use them" topic.
The ongoing words-flowing that fills the Web everyday
looks like a communicational system in which some basic learning steps were ignored: some kids just wrote(and are writing) down thoughts without being aware on how to manage the pen, even to organize words or single letters.
[Please note that there's no moral judgment in this statement: digital and internet literacy, intended in a wide-as-possible sense, it's indeed a substantial topic nowadays, but this work ain't  about pointing fingers]
-So, I just thought it could be useful to take a step back and start from scratch: let's fill the pages of our word editors with single letters, in every dimension and font possible.
Given the fact that there are infinite kind of fonts
(and infinite font dimensions), and that is also possible to create them by your own, this "exercise" could expand itself as long as it can and potentially go on 'till the edge of forever.
-A space full of (useful or not) letters, ready(are we as well?) to be organized in the next steps (words, thoughts and so on).  
-If you want to collaborate just drop an e-mail at, with your alphabet-PDF file (a standard page, named with the word "alphabet" in your language, the font you used and the size). I'll add you on a collaborators list-page (soon to come).
And if you like it, don't forget to spread the word
-det0une @ VLW, 2019-